444.550 / 224.70 Coats repeater pictures


                           306 FOOT TOWER on Johnston County Road                          
    35 - 28 - 00 N     078 - 38 - 45 W
                                 Elevation: 317 ft. ASL



           Repeater rack for 444.550, 224.70 and 10 Meter Beacon on 28.298 Mhz.



                   This is the UHF link antennas polyphaser on the bulkhead



                        This is the Triplexer for 2M/220/440 systems

    This is the 6-element yagi used to link into the backbone Hub in West Raleigh.
    It is mounted on a fixed ladder under the ice bridge around 35 feet up.


This is in the direction of north toward Raleigh/Cary, you can not see any sign of the downtown Raleigh buildings unless you have binoculars because of the distance way into the horizon at the end.   This was taken at the 220 foot platform just under the guy wire. 



                              Northeast view from 220 foot platform.



                             Southeast view from 220 foot platform.



                             Northwest view from 220 foot platform.


                           Southwest west view from 220 foot platform



                                        A look down the tower.



                             Southwest view from the 220 foot platform.


                        Northeast view from the 220 foot platform.


                              Southeast view from the 300 foot level.


                                        Another Southeast view.


                                              South view.        


                    South view, to the upper left is the water tanks in Coats.


                                           Southern view.



              West view, Barclayesville water tank is in the view between the two mast.
              The blue antenna with a ground plane is the Tri-Band repeater antenna.

                             More pictures will be posted in the future.  
                              Pictures taken on the tower by Chris, KG4GRB.


                       We have additional photos on the Yahoo Group web site


                         Also Tower photos are at this site courtesy Tim, N6DRA




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