Holly Springs Repeater Work on 21 June 2003

Holly Springs, N.C.  KF4AUF, 444.325+ 100 PL

Ronnie J. Casey K4JDR
Danny Musten, KD4RAA
Harold "Butch" Henion, KF4AUF
Chris Maidon, KG4GRB
Byron King, K4NGJ
Tim Ellison, W4TME
David Keith, K4TQH
Thomas Babb, KF4JKQ


The Holly Springs repeater was placed on the air June 21, 2003.  It was a great day to do this type of work, could not ask for any better.  The UHF repeater is located Just off of Holly Springs Road on School Days Rd. inside of Holly Springs City Limits.  The Water Tank stands 139 feet above the ground to the top.  The ground elevation is 456 Feet above sea level.  The Antenna top elements are 159 Feet above ground for a total of 615 feet ASL.   Click Here for the coverage maps.

The Repeater is a GE Mastr II with Power Supply and cabinet running 20 Watts out the PA.  It has a MCC / RC-100 Controller with a GE MLS Link radio using a 6 element Maxrad UHF yagi to link into the UHF Linking Hub of the K4JDR-KD4RAA Full time link System.

All of the repeater system functions can be accessed through all of the repeaters that are on the Link including the additional linking on VoIP using the IRLP Node 4270.

       Butch, KF4AUF         

All Photos of the Holly Springs site courtesy Thomas Babb Photography, 
Harold (Butch) Henion and Ronnie J. Casey


David, Byron and Tim utilize their carpentry skills to
disassemble the reel in order to roll it off.


Equipment and tools are being gathered to start the work.
Chris, Byron, Danny, Ron, David and Tim.  Thomas is Photographer.


Another Group shot as the brain storming begins.  The Decibel DB-420 Antennas
here would make a nice addition to an Amateurs shack, They retail for $ 920.00 Each.  


The Reel is ready to rock-n-roll.


Chris and Butch connecting the feed line, the picture is taken in the direction of
Fuquay-Varina to the south. (Hard hats are off temporarily to obtain a even tan.)


Butch, KF4AUF, Holly Springs Repeater Trustee


Chris, KG4GRB   "I miss climbing a tree today"

Ronnie J. Casey, K4JDR  "Can I get High Angle Training Hours for CFD Today?"


Tim, Danny and Thomas at the base of the tower.  Danny appears to be orchestrating some of the group. 


The Mole is in the HOLE....................


Okay, I know that feed line port is somewhere..................


This is the feed line port that the jumper goes through at the top of the tank.


Taping the connection and using vapor seal a few times is important to keep moisture out.  A practice all Amateurs should do with their home equipment as well.


A look toward Apex where good living begins.


A look toward Fuquay and the new school and its six mobile classrooms.


A look in the distance in the direction of Cary.  The blue dot you see in the 
middle at the tree line at the horizon is the Ridgeview water tank in Southern Cary.


A look in the direction of Raleigh, the tall buildings are visible from the top of 
the tank.


A look toward New Hill and Sanford as a cloud comes over shading us.  The Shearon-Harris 550 Foot cooling tower is up full steam today.  The water at the south east side of Harris lake is slightly visible from the top of the tank.


A view toward the east in the direction of Smithfield.


A shot of the Water Tank that is 139 foot above the ground to the top.
The ground elevation is 456 Feet above sea level.  The Antenna
top elements are 159 Feet above ground for a total of 615 feet ASL.


A look down ladder from the top of the tank body.

Ron and Dan "He did it - Know he did it" 
Danny had to go to the woods, unfortunately his legs took a beating.


......About four more photos are coming to complete this gallery.......

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